About Us: Meet the Director

    • Timothy L. Ratliff, PhD

    • Robert Wallace Miller Director
    • Distinguished Professor of Comparative Pathobiology


      1977 - PhD | University of Arkansas
      1974 - MS | Texas A & M
      1971 - BS | University of Texas

When we hear that a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, our first question often is, what kind of treatment will they receive? In the past, that was often a relatively simple question for physicians to answer, given the one-size-fits-all approach to cancer care.

But increasingly, there are more individualized options for treatment, thanks to the work of researchers like those right here at the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research. As one of seven basic science centers in the United States, we make unique discoveries that help us understand how cancers form, and we partner with clinicians to turn our findings into new diagnostics, monitoring tools and therapies for patients.

Increasing the University’s capacity to translate basic research into life-changing treatments is, in fact, one initiative of Purdue Moves, a series of 10 targeted programs designed to enhance research and educational opportunities for students and broaden Purdue’s global impact. As part of the initiative, we will be working with leaders of the new Purdue University Center for Drug Discovery to share findings and ensure a unified, efficient progression of research.

The Purdue University Center for Cancer Research has a fundamental approach to discover new information about cancer that will lead to new ways to detect and treat the disease. Our scientists have developed new treatments for ovarian, endometrial, lung, kidney, colon cancers that now are being tested in clinical trials. These researchers are also developing new markers that provide prognostic information on cancer aggressiveness and stage, and new ways to image cancer that enable surgeons to more efficiently remove cancer during surgery.

Each day we find new discoveries that are promising. Together, we will defeat this disease.

Dr. Timothy L. Ratliff
Robert Wallace Miller Director
Purdue University Center for Cancer Research


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