Together, they focus on a shared goal:

Creating a world without cancer.


People: Advisors

Director's Advancement Board

They may not be working in the Center’s laboratories, but their assistance and guidance are invaluable. This Director’s Advancement Board helps guide the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research in securing funds – an important aspect of any research-based institution. They assist the Center for Cancer Research director, Dr. Timothy Ratliff, and the executive committee set goals and identify opportunities for public, governmental and private fundraising.

Current Director's Advancement Board Members:

    • Ms. Beth Bangs
    • West Lafayette, IN
    • Mr. Donald Dunaway
    • Naples, FL
    • Mr. Todd Gilman
    • Manhattan Beach, CA
    • Ms. Donna Heckler
    • St. Louis, MO
    • Ms. Jennie Jones
    • West Lafayette, IN
    • Ms. Paula Klipsch
    • Carmel, IN
    • Ms. Joy Matson
    • Rossville, IN
    • Mr. Rick Miller
    • Plymouth, IN
    • Ms. Martha (Marti) Schmidt
    • Naperville, IL
    • Mr. Don Schoeff
    • Huntington, IN
    • Ms. Marcy Ziek
    • Cincinnati, OH
    • Mr. Alan Karpick
    • West Lafayette, IN
    • Mr. Tyler Trent
    • Carmel, IN


    • Ms. Linda Rohrman
    • Lafayette, IN

Drug Evaluation Committee

The overall goal of this committee is to help the Center for Cancer Research increase the number and quality of lead therapeutic molecules in development in the drug discovery pipeline at Purdue University, specifically those drugs with the potential to treat or prevent cancer.

    • Dr. John Landis (Chair)
    • 12240 Montcalm St.
      Carmel, IN 46032
    • Dr. Gunda Georg
    • Professor and Head, Medicinal Chemistry
      College of Pharmacy
      University of Minnesota
      Minneapolis, MN
    • Dr. James S. MacDonald
    • President
      Chrysalis Pharma Partners, LLC
      385 Route 24, Suite 1G
      Chester, NJ 07930
    • Dr. Philip Hipskind
    • Senior Research Fellow
      Eli Lilly
      Indianapolis, IN
    • Dr. Homer Pearce
    • 84 Clifden Pond Road
      Zionsville, IN 46077
    • Dr. Ivan Horak
    • Chief Scientific and Medical Officer
      Symphogen A/S
    • Dr. Catherine Strader
    • Artemis Partners, LLC
    • Dr. Arthur M. Krieg
    • Checkmate Parmaceuticals
      Cambridge, MA
    • Dr. Kalpana Merchant
    • Transthera Consulting Company
      Portland, OR
    • Dr. Nicholas Meanwell
    • Bristol-Meyers Squibb
    • Dr. Franklin G. Prendergast
    • Mayo Graduate School
      Broomfield, CO

External Advisory Committee

The Center’s External Advisory Committee is composed of outside authorities in cancer research. These twelve scientists’ expertise drives research initiatives in cancer drug discovery and evaluation, target validation, DNA damage-response mechanisms, toxicology, antitumor agent development and engineering, among others. Their objective insights and guidance are integral to the continued progress of the Purdue Center for Cancer Research.

Cell Identity and Signaling

Chemical and Structural Biology

Drug Delivery and Molecular Sensing

Medicinal Chemistry


    • Lisa Sideras
    • The Wistar Institute Cancer Center
      Philadelphia, PA




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