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Discovery Groups: Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer

The goal of the group is to bring together diverse expertise to address questions in bladder cancer. The group coordinated an inaugural bladder cancer mini-symposium and group retreat at IU Simon Cancer Center in January 2011. Key elements of the group’s work include:

  • Connecting scientists across clinical and basic science disciplines
  • Designing and conducting translational research projects around key clinical questions in urinary cancer (UC)
  • Positioning teams to be competitive for extramural funding to accomplish important research
  • Publishing and presenting findings, and then building upon these findings
  • Providing an example of the synergistic work between two NCI-designated cancer centers.

The ultimate goal is to improve the clinical outcomes for: (1) individuals diagnosed with UC of the bladder, renal pelvis, ureter or urethra; and (2) individuals at risk for the development of UC. This includes work to determine the causes of UC, to develop preventive strategies, to define effective screening strategies to allow early detection, and to improve the treatment for all stages of urinary cancer.

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