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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


The value of the NMR-SR’s services (also included in the Purdue Interdepartmental NMR Facility) to the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research (PCCR) membership is critical because these instruments provide wide-ranging NMR capabilities which effectively serve the needs of PCCR’s multi-disciplinary faculty. The synthetic chemist requires access to an NMR spectrometer on a daily basis and immediate knowledge of the results. It is also important that the structural biologist have routine access to characterize protein samples, execute titrations, and conduct the large number of experiments required for structure determination.

The NMR-SR staff oversees ten NMR spectrometers ranging in field strength from 300 MHz to 800 MHz. All spectrometers are available 24/7 on a charge back basis to individual researchers in the capacity of either ‘walk on’ usage as required by synthetic chemists, or long term reservations as needed for biological NMR spectroscopy. The NMR-SR spectrometers are able to perform the entire gamut of modern NMR techniques needed by PCCR investigators in areas of chemistry and medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, biology, and biological/biomedical engineering. The available instrumentation and expertise provide convenient, reliable and cost-effective service to multi-disciplinary research in areas as diverse as protein and structural biology, organic chemistry, and metabolomics.

The NMR-SR has qualified personnel from Ph.D.-level scientific knowledge of NMR spectroscopy to service, repair of magnets, electronics and information technology (IT). In addition, Purdue’s NMR-SR staff excels in training new users and provides the expertise in the NMR-SR for supporting this necessary collaborative research. Overall, through its PCCR and institutionally supported facilities and staff, the NMR-SR provides a convenient, reliable and cost-effective service for PCCR members.


Services & Pricing

Service PCCR Non-PCCR
300 MHz $ 6.40 $ 11.70
400 MHz $ 8.50 $ 15.60
500 MHz $ 10.70 $ 19.50
600 MHz $ 12.70 $ 23.40
800 MHz $ 17.00 $ 31.10

Contact Information & Location

    • Shared Resource Manager: John S. Harwood D.Sc
    • Email:
    • Phone: (765) 494 – 5287
    • Building/Room: WTHR 365B
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