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Creating a world without cancer.


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In addition, to promote collaborations among cancer center members, one idea award (up to $2,000) that stems from the seminar will be made after each seminar. The purpose of this award is to allow the collaborating labs to purchase critical research agents for a quick test of the idea. If you or someone from your lab will be attending and you would like to receive the instructions on how to apply for the “Discovery to Translation Seminar Idea Award”, please contact Dr. Chang-Deng Hu. If awarded, you will be required to fill out an applicant submission form at the following site. Once here you can enter your Purdue credentials. If somehow the password entry does not allow access, please click on "more choices." Click "Use a different account" and enter "onepurdue" in front of the user name and re-type your password. If there are further login problems, please email the administrative contact listed above.


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